HQC Block Paving Sealer

HQC Block Paving Sealer


About HQC Block Paving Sealer

HQC Block Paving Sealer is the ideal way to maintain the surface appearance and function of block paving in many different areas. The application of HQC Block Paving Sealer can also help prevent, or greatly reduce dirt pick-up or staining from oil, grease and other substances. This can be very useful for protecting paved domestic driveways and patios against oil and other domestic spillages from gardening work and barbeques etc. Additionally durable, high performance block paving sealer can also be ideal for the surface protection of, block paving in commercial parking areas, heavy vehicle and aircraft hard standings, plus for sealing paving against spillages and contamination around retail and food outlets, shopping centres and public entertainment venues for example. Sealing the surface of concrete block paving will also prevent or greatly reduce the penetration and ingress of water, which will therefore also increase the resistance of the paved surface to freeze-thaw damage (usually evident as scaling-off from the surface) in winter – particularly if de-icing salts are to be used in the area, as these can greatly accelerate this effect and increase the problem.


  • 100% UV and Fade resistant
  • Excellent resistance to rain spotting and tyre plucks
  • Resists oil stains and water damage
  •  Prevents moss spores
  • Early use on new, dry, block paving helps prevent efflorescence (white powdery staining)
  • Stops staining and sand joints degradation in block paving
  • Simple and quick to apply
  • Low odour
  • Enhances appearance
  • Easier to clean and maintain


Can be used on:

  • Vehicle and pedestrian areas
  • New and existing drives
  • Forecourts
  • Parking areas
  • Walkways and paths


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